Young workers and entrepreneurs, alumni of vocational training
institutes across central and eastern Uganda

This dataset contains information on expectations, mental health, labour market outcomes and firm’s
characteristics for 631 young alumni of five accredited Vocational Training Institutes

Myanmar farmers

This dataset contains information on 1,999 farmers and business owners in rural Myanmar

Paraguay rural women

This dataset contains information on 1,366 women in rural Paraguay.

Nigerian informal market vendors

This dataset collects information from 876 informal market vendors in Lagos, Nigeria.

Wholesale and retail traders in Nigeria

Survey Type: IGC/IPA Survey on Firms, Workers, and Farmers
Country: Nigeria
Date of data collection: 18 April-8 May 2020
Category: Firms
Researchers: Hakeem Bishi, Shelby Grossman, Meredith Startz
Survey organisation: Lagos Trader Project and Stanford University
Number of observations: 764

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