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Wholesale and retail traders in Nigeria

Survey Type

IGC/IPA Survey on Firms, Workers, and Farmers



Date of data collection

18 April-8 May 2020




Hakeem Bishi, Shelby Grossman, Meredith Startz

Survey organisation

Lagos Trader Project

Number of observations


This dataset collects information from 764 wholesale and retail traders in Lagos, Nigeria. The traders surveyed buy and sell consumer goods such as clothing, electronics, toiletries, and homewares. They operate from permanent physical premises.

A typical trader in Lagos is male (73%), 42 years old, and has been in business for 14 years. As of 2017, on average, traders had 1.3 shops and 1.2 paid and unpaid workers. In February 2020, before the pandemic hit Nigeria, the average weekly revenue of the traders surveyed was just under NGN 400,000 (approximately USD 1,030).

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