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Young workers and entrepreneurs, alumni of vocational training
institutes across central and eastern Uganda

Survey Type

IGC/IPA Survey on Firms, Workers, and Farmers



Date of data collection

July 2020 (more or less from June 24th - July 15th).


Self-employed and employed workers


Livia Alfonsi (UC Berkeley), Sara Spaziani (Brown Univeristy), Mary Namubiru
(BRAC Uganda)

Survey organisation

BRAC Uganda

Number of observations


This project aims at generating evidence for policy makers and development agencies on how young firms and young workers have been impacted by the outbreak and subsequent lockdown. We target SMEs’ owners as well as workers in core manufacturing and service sectors in Uganda. Specifically, we collect information on expectations, mental health, labor market outcomes and firm’s characteristics for 631 young alumni of five accredited Vocational Training Institutes who graduated 3 to 5 years ago, whom, as of January 2020 were: young entrepreneurs (20%), formal workers (57%), informal workers (5%), currently looking for a job or pursuing further education (17%).

We aim at providing a real time picture of the labor markets of interest and understand the extent to which and through which channels will local, low scale manufacture (carpenters and welders) and services firms (hairdressers, tailors, plumbers etc.) be affected by the crisis.

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